Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saving Aimee: 5th Avenue Theater Review

I have posted most of my movie and play reviews on my other site, but thought I'd add it here, too.

I went with Mel to the play at the 5th Avenue:  Saving Aimee.  It is a play about Aimee Kennedy Sempler McPherson.  I did a little research before the play to find out who she was.  She was a big name in the 1940's time frame of a woman and a religious superstar.

She has done a lot of good things in her life.  She started one of the first mega-churches, in the LA area.  She brought religion and Christianity to some people in the Hollywood area.  She took in hundreds of women and people who needed help.  She was one of the first women in the industry.  She was also one of the first and definitely one of the first women to start a national radio program.  She started a college.  Helped a lot of people?  You bet.

But, she has also had a lot of controversy in the things she has done.  She was larger than life and very dramatic.  Often times, it was said that she was less about religion than about the dramatic effect.  She was "kidnapped", which many seemed to think was  a lie.  She was married 3 times and maybe had an affair as well.  Controversial?  You bet.

The tag line was "Sinner or Saint?  You decide"  It made for a truly interesting and fascinating story of her life, made into a musical play.  Done by Kathy Lee Giffords, it was definitely one that leaves you thinking.  Does the end justify the means?  Can someone really cause a lot of good, if they have a few major mistakes (or sins)?  I won't ruin the thought process for you, but I'll let you decide.

Worth seeing.  Not overly "exciting" or "entertaining", but definitely fascinating and thought provoking.
Rating: B

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