Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Bang News!

It seems that everyone loves a nerd.  Bill Gates is one of the most famous nerds.  He revolutionized the computer with his "out there" software.  And in doing so, he has made millions.  Scratch that:  He has made billions.  What is not good about that?

Steve Jobs is another famous nerd.  He took gadgets and made them more gadgety.  He brought innovation to an already innovative industry.

iPod? check!
iPhone? check!
iPad? check!
Mac? check!

Ahh, to be a nerd!

Another nerd?  How about Sheldon Cooper?  He is the physicist (character) from the Big Bang Theory who works at CalTech (California Institute of Technology).  Now if that is a resume for nerd, I don't know what is!  Of course, the character is played by Jim Parsons.  Jim, a 39 year old from Houston, Texas, seems to fit the part perfectly.

There is only one thing wrong, Jim Parsons is gay.  In a May 2012 New York Times article, Mr. Parsons shares that he is not only gay, but has been in a healthy 10 year relationship.  So, maybe that is the thing that is wrong, maybe it is the thing that is right.

Another role model is born.  Nerds unite.  Actually, it is probably a much bigger role model for the fact that the people watching this witty comedy series are less nerdy and more mainstream.  Maybe all gays aren't evil, satan worshipping, family ruining, cross dressing, blah, blah, blah ... You get the picture.  Sorry haters, but being gay may be a little nerdier, but it is also a little more normal.

P.S. I didn't mean to leave out another king nerd:  Mr. Spock!  Zachory Quinto, who played in the latest version of Star Trek came out in October 2011.  Not only does this Vulcan show emotion, he shows it for the same sex.  Quinto was originally famous for his role on Heros, the popular T.V. show watched by many nerds.

No offense was meant to any nerds in this post.  In fact, I long to join your ranks.  Once you let in sub-intelligent species, like myself, I will join your ranks!

I am also NOT inferring that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs are gay.

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