Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I can be your friend (la la la)

Hey Odd ball!  Hey weirdo!

It is still weird for me to hear that people are still picked on, bullied, teased, beat-up ...

Actually, it frustrates me.  A lot.

Very little makes me mad, but if you bully someone ... 
you'll see me mad.  

It is unacceptable.

From anyone.  
Especially from Christians.  
No, from anyone.

It may have been understandable during my growing up years.
Being gay wasn't talked about, much.  
If it was, it was rarely understood.  

I grew up in a rural part of the U.S.  
It was more conservative.  
People were warm and friendly with their own.  
They were less friendly with foreigners.
People who were different.

Religion was a big part of most peoples' lives.
But, Religion didn't understand being gay.
They thought they did.  
But, they didn't.  

Many of them have changed their stances on gay people.  
Some had changed them only slightly.  
Others have changed them a lot.  

Gay ministers are found in quite a few religions. 
Mormons opened up a website about their beliefs on gays.
The current Pope is "less antagonistic about gays."
Being part of the Westboro Baptist Church has become a very negative thing.
And it should.  

Many Christians are acting ... Christlike.  

Those of the younger generations are not worried about gays.
There is a divide somewhere around 45-ish.
People above this line tend to be against gay marriage.  
People below this line tend to be for gay marriage.  

While there are exceptions, the lines are drawn mostly on age.  
Religion has less of an impact.  
Politics has less of an impact.  

I saw my nephews watching Veggie Tales.
Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun. 

I wondered what they were being taught.  
As I watched a few with them, I realized it was different.
They weren't teaching hate.  

These singing vegetables were teaching love.  
I especially loved the one where they taught people to not bully others.
Who would've thought that a Christian video would teach people how to be more ... 
well, Christian?

It wasn't written about gays.  
But, it could've been.
I should've been. 

And, it applies.  

So, enjoy.  
Be better people. 
Be better friends.  

I can be your friend - Lyrics

Have you ever seen a boy with funny clothes?
A girl with braces on her teeth
Or freckles on her nose?
Some kids call them "odd balls"
Some kids call them "weird"
Is it my imagination, or does Aunt Ruth have a beard?
God makes lots of people in all colors, shapes and sizes
He loves them very much and what we need to realize is
That calling people names because their different is wrong
Instead we need to look on them in love
And sing this song:
Chorus 1:
I can be you'r friend
I can be you'r friend
Anyday, in any weather
We can be friends and play together
Yeah, we're all preaty different
Some are skinny, some are stout
But the inside is the part we're
Suppost to care about
Ay, that's where we got feelings
That are very much the same
And so instead of "weirdo"
I think "friends" a better name!
Chorus 2:
I can be you'r friend (la, la, la)
I can be you'r friend (la, la, la)
If you'r hair is red or yellow,
We can have lunch
I'll share my jello!
I can be you'r friend (la, la, la)
I can be you'r friend (la, la, la)
It's ok if we are different
We can still play

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