Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newbie Neighbor ...

So, I've know a guy for a few years, now.  His dad had a stake calling in our stake. He left and returned from his mission recently and has been moving from place to place.  I've caught up with him recently and realized that he was struggling.  Now, I am not a mind reader, but I guess the gaydar started kicking in.  I had a strong feeling about what he was dealing with.

So, we did decide to meet up and talk.  He told me what he was struggling with.  It was something that he has been struggling with for a long time.  Yep, he has always been attracted to guys.  This is why he has been moving around.  His family doesn't know how to handle it.  He isn't sure what he wants or how to choose, so he has made some choices recently that have taken him away from the Church.

So, he needed a place to stay.  But, he also needs a little guidance.  He is old enough to make his own decisions, but is still young enough to have a lot of questions.  So, I offered him a place to stay.  I figured it was a good way to help out someone who is struggling.  Plus, it is a good chance to help him out.  I don't know how; I don't know where or when.  But, it is easier to help out someone when they are close to you.

Now, the question is ... How much do I try to help out or do I let him struggle through making his own decisions?

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  1. Honestly I think you have to feel this one out day by day. He probably needs your advice and knows it- but he has been bossed around by everyone his whole life probably, and is most likely completely out of touch with his internal guidance system. If anything I think the best way to help him is to encourage him to do a lot of listening to the REAL voice inside his head-- not the "Holy Ghost" which is basically the church's dangling carrot-- you're never good enough no matter what you do. Some comforter, eh? HAHA. Let us know how it goes.. I always have a place in my heart for young people who are coming out and trying to find their way! Bravo to you for helping.

  2. True, true. He keeps saying that the H.G. wants him to be here or go there. It may be a voice in his head, but I think he is still struggling with the culture of the Church. This is probably the one area that would be very helpful for him. Thanks for sharing, Brother Johnsen. :-)