Thursday, February 2, 2012

GLEE! Welcome back ...

I was on a call with my work team, today.  Someone asked if we saw this week's episode of Glee with songs from Michael Jackson.  I hadn't.  In fact, I hadn't seen any episodes this season.  Okay, I admit that I am awful about watching weekly shows.  I travel for work and ... even if I didn't, I am awful about remembering what night and what time the shows are.  So, needless to say, I've been missing shows.

And, you know .... GLEE has gotten a bit crazy and silly, lately.  Well.  I guess it started and has gotten more silly and corny, lately.  But, I figured I would go out and watch that one episode ... you know, just to celebrate songs of Michael Jackson.  And, well ... I got caught up in a few of the other episodes.  

Corny?  Uh, Yeah!  Sappy?  Uh, Yeah!  A bit politically?  Uh, Yeah?  But, it seems each week there is something that really tends to get to you.  Whether it is Santana telling her Abuela that she is Gay and having Abuela kick her out or the gang giving up their presents and spending their Christmas with homeless people.  You realize that you don't care if they put in a few too many sappy get together / go apart / get together / go apart, blah blah blah's or another Sue Silvester tirade monologue.  The show actually has some good to it.

So, instead of putting this on my other blog, I am adding it here.  And, I am proud to say that I watched 5 episodes of Glee over the past week.  And, who can resist Rory Flanigan's Northern Irish accent?  And, guests?  Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Gwenteth Paltrow, Molly Shannon, Neil Patrick Harris,  Cheyenne Jackson, Ricky Martin, Carol Burnett, Brittany Spears ...  Come on ... This is the real deal.


  1. I love Glee! Mostly for the musical numbers. I enjoy both the songs and how they are edited, everything else in between is just mindless filler that occasionally surprises me.

  2. Agreed. I just watch it for the articles ... err, I mean the songs, too.