Sunday, April 8, 2012

Does it really get better? Yes!

It has been a little while since I've posted.  I've been to Wicked in Portland, visited with family and friends.  Mourned loss of a good friend and mourned with friends at a loss of their family members.  I took in a friend who came out to himself and his family (and was then estranged for a short time by them).  We've got him moving on to Utah, now.  I've consoled a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer and have spent the past 4 months taking care of an immediate family member who is going through chemotherapy treatment.

So, with all of that and other things happening around the world ... Can life really be okay?  Is it good?  And, does it get better?  Well, I have to say a resounding YES to all of that.

And, for those of us who have grown up in or around the LDS Church ... I am going to say out loud, YES, things get better if you are gay, too.

I echo the voice of each of these people in this video.  They are courageous.  They may not be the first gay BYU students (believe me ... I know "I" wasn't the first either), but they are surely going to be remembered for standing up and standing firm for the right.

Congratulations to them and to every gay LDS person.  It DOES GET BETTER.  I'm proud to say this.  And, I am proud to stand with my fellow gay brothers and sisters.  Go Cougs!  Listen up and put your arms out for these guys.

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