Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bucknell Soccer player Jesse Klug shares a letter with those who criticize him for being gay ...

Bucknell University Soccer Player (gay) Shares his Thoughts ...

Jesse Klug, a college soccer player for Bucknell University, wrote a letter sharing his thoughts on comments people make about him being gay.  He does a good job at understanding his feelings and articulating them for us.

While I don't agree with a few points, I can especially relate to Jesse's comment about not choosing to be gay.  It seems to be a constant point I hear from people.  None of them would choose to be gay, but they think that others would.  The interesting thing is that they have all kinds of comments about being gay: People choose it, they are deviants, they are bad people, they only care about sex, etc.  But when I ask if they think these things about me, they say, "well that is different.  You're not like them."   It is something that always bothers me and, at times, really annoys me.

Another thing that I can agree on is the use of "retard."  I've always hated it.  I think it is the same reason that Jesse uses.  It is a derogative slur meant to insult and tear someone down.  it is unbecoming of a human being and it is especially un-Christian.

Finally, I agree that someone being gay shouldn't be the defining point of a person.  While we may identify someone as colored, hispanic, athletic, tall, smart, etc., we all know that that is only a small part of the whole.  It is a part of what makes up a person.  A person may be colored, hispanic, athletic, tall, smart, AND gay.  But, really, they are also a person, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a friend.

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