Saturday, January 11, 2014

That's gay ... (repost)

This is a repost from the beginning of my blog.

I was talking with a friend again, today.  They asked how I was and I said, "Good. Good."  That, of course, means "really" good.  We all know "Good" just means okay.

It started back in college at Brigham Young University.  A group of us started using a word one, two, or even three times to show how serious the word was.  If we were good, it meant we were okay.  Good, Good meant we were good.  Good, good, good meant we were doing great.

It sounds really funny ... and a little weird, now.  But, at the time, it was actually very natural and worked for many things.  My friend had to a test coming up meant they could play a bit (because it was just an in-class quiz).  A Test Test meant he would have to prepare for a testing center visit.  A Test Test Test meant breaking out the all-nighter for final exams!  Pizza and Dr. Pepper!

Of course, it was a little debasing when we talked about things such as Gay.  Because something that was Gay was basically silly.  Gay Gay meant someone was acting like a homosexual.  Gay Gay Gay meant that something or someone was really gay.

I'm not proud of the phraseology.  It has reminded me of the phrase, "That's Gay" that has been used a lot lately and ... has become more controversial.

I've stopped using this particular word or phrase and get on people when they say it.  But, it still takes me back to college.

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