Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mike Manning ... (repost)

This is a repost from a blog written several years ago.  It was deleted.

I was getting my political fix this week (like the Iowa debate didn't do it ... right?) and I read up a bit more on Fred Karger (Fred Who? you may ask ... I'll post one on that, later).  One of the people that spoke out for him was Mike Manning.  Now, it has been a long time since I've watched, let alone followed, MTV's Real World.  I guess this guy was on it a year ago.

Mike ManningSo, who is Mike Manning and why am I talking about him?  I read a few articles on him.  He seems like a pretty well grounded kid, for 21 years old, and he has come out as bi-sexual.  He said he can be called gay or bi.

And, he is getting some flack from the straight and gay populations.  Funny, isn't it?  People are judging?  Well, we know the straight activists are not going to like him.  But, we see something that I never did understand ... the gay activists are attacking him.  Why?  I am fully sure, but I am guessing it stems from a few different areas: 1) they think he is phobic and not being his true self, 2) it somehow delegitimizes their gayness, or 3) they are just angry at everyone.

I found this interesting and recommend that you read this article.  It also has an interesting few pieces on how he is dealing with his family and his religion.  Mormons may find this interesting and, more importantly, helpful.  I did.

Mike Manning of MTV's Real World DC

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